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Friday, March 29, 2013

Lost Florida Girls Signal Helicopter With Light-Up Shoes

Three little girls got lost in the Florida woods Monday night, and their quick thinking helped law enforcement find them. Two sisters, Grace Shaffer, 6, and Aubrey Shaffer, 9, and their 13-year-old neighbor wandered into a densely wooded area about two miles from their homes in Lakeland, Fla., early Monday evening hoping to see horses.

“They have boundaries set in the front yard,” Missi Shaffer, Grace and Aubrey’s mother, told “They usually stay within those boundaries. We’ve never had a problem with them wandering off.”

The three girls had passed through a barbed-wire fence into a prohibited area on the way to a nearby horse trail. “As night began to fall, they got disoriented,” Donna Wood, Polk County Sheriff’s Office public information officer, told “They were pretty far into the area and got lost.”

Shaffer was alarmed when she did not see her daughters within their designated play area and checked with her neighbors before calling 911 to report them missing. “We were told a suspicious vehicle had come in near their boundaries,” Shaffer said. “Our first thought was they were kidnapped.”

After the 13-year-old called her father from her cell phone and told them where they were, the sheriff’s office directed their search to the woods, bringing in a helicopter and K-9 authorities.

Read more and see video at ABC News

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