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Friday, March 29, 2013

Lost Florida Girls Signal Helicopter With Light-Up Shoes

Three little girls got lost in the Florida woods Monday night, and their quick thinking helped law enforcement find them. Two sisters, Grace Shaffer, 6, and Aubrey Shaffer, 9, and their 13-year-old neighbor wandered into a densely wooded area about two miles from their homes in Lakeland, Fla., early Monday evening hoping to see horses.

“They have boundaries set in the front yard,” Missi Shaffer, Grace and Aubrey’s mother, told “They usually stay within those boundaries. We’ve never had a problem with them wandering off.”

The three girls had passed through a barbed-wire fence into a prohibited area on the way to a nearby horse trail. “As night began to fall, they got disoriented,” Donna Wood, Polk County Sheriff’s Office public information officer, told “They were pretty far into the area and got lost.”

Shaffer was alarmed when she did not see her daughters within their designated play area and checked with her neighbors before calling 911 to report them missing. “We were told a suspicious vehicle had come in near their boundaries,” Shaffer said. “Our first thought was they were kidnapped.”

After the 13-year-old called her father from her cell phone and told them where they were, the sheriff’s office directed their search to the woods, bringing in a helicopter and K-9 authorities.

Read more and see video at ABC News

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Dog Saves Missing Polish Girl, Keeps Her Warm in Freezing Cold

A small dog saved the life of a three-year-old girl who went missing in Poland and spent the night in freezing cold temperatures, Vesti FM radio reported on Sunday.

Read more at RIANOVOSTI

Monday, March 4, 2013

Humans of New York Raises $100,000 for Brooklyn YMCA

New York street photographer Brandon Stanton found out a lot of his photos had been used in a DKNY store in Bangkok without his knowledge or approval.  When he found out, he requested they donate $100,000 to the YMCA in Bedford-Stuyvesant, Brooklyn.  DKNY apologized for using his photos without his approval and agreed to donate $25,000.  Read his blog posting about it here.

Stanton decided he'd still like to raise the $100,000, so he asked his readers if they would help contribute money to the YMCA.  After a few days, they reached the goal.  Read the blog posting here.

The fundraiser also made the cover of the Metro New York newspaper.  Link

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Homeless Man’s Honest Deed Rewarded with $16K Donation, and Counting

A homeless man in Kansas City, Mo., made national headlines more than a week ago when he returned a valuable platinum and diamond engagement ring accidentally dropped into his cup of change by a woman offering some extra cash. Now, hundreds of donors have contributed more than $16,000 to a page on to help Billy Ray Harris get his life back on track. The man's rewards don't stop with financial help -- the media story helped him connect with a brother in Lubbock, Texas, he hasn't seen in nearly 30 years.

KCTV first did a story on the unintended donation Feb. 9. Sarah Darling had put her engagement ring in her change purse because it was bothering her finger. A chance encounter with Harris on the street led Darling to give the man her loose change. It was only a day later that she realized her engagement ring was missing. When she came back to Harris on the same street, he still had the ring and gave it back to her.

The New York Daily News reveals when the woman and her husband returned, they gave the homeless man all the cash she had on her -- around $40 to $60. Then Bill Krejci, who is a web designer, was inspired by some media outlets' websites where people asked how they could help. Enter

Read more and see a video at Yahoo! News

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Friday, January 11, 2013

What Do You Pack For A Seven-Year Trip?

Paul Salopek is already a well-traveled journalist — a two-time Pulitzer Prize winner who has spent most of the past two decades roaming across Africa, Asia, the Balkans and Latin America.

This, apparently, has not sated his wanderlust. So now he's in a dusty village in Ethiopia's Rift Valley, ready to launch a seven-year, 21,000-mile journey on foot that will take him from Africa, across the Middle East and through Asia, over to Alaska and down the Western edge of the Americas until he hits the southern tip of Chile.


"The short version is I'm interested in narrative, I'm interested in storytelling," Salopek, speaking by satellite phone, tells Morning Edition host Steve Inskeep. "After jetting around the world as a foreign correspondent, after flying into stories, after driving into them, helicoptering in, even, I thought about what it would be like to walk between stories. Not just to see the stories we were missing by flying over them, but to understand the connective tissue of all the major stories of our day."

Read more at NPR

'Golden-voiced' Ted Williams reveals new job, foundation to help homeless

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Saturday, January 5, 2013

Ukranian dolphin trained to crawl on flat surface

A dolphin trainer in the Ukraine has taught one of his wards to do something quite unusual.

Gosha - a 15-year-old Black Sea bottlenose dolphin - can now leap out of the water and crawl up to 10 metres on his belly.

Read more and see video at the Times of Malta

Friday, December 28, 2012

Pay-It-Forward Chain In Winnipeg Lasts For 3 Hours

Winnipeg's residents are at it again.

According to Yahoo News, customers at a Tim Hortons coffee shop in Winnipeg started a chain of goodwill that ended up extending to 228 lucky residents on Friday.

"One generous customer at the restaurant on Beaverhill Blvd. started a chain of customers paying for the person behind them that lasted about three hours," an employee told CBC News.

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